The Long Run: 250+ Floors of Avallon Fortress

Maze: Avallon Fortress

Purpose: To max out the Engineering Manual and get as much other DP as possible along the way.

Main GumballGenie — You can see where this is going.

Soul Link 1: Future Cat — Yep.

Soul Link 2: Justice Herald — Because if you’re going to go that many floors, you really need a consistent, rock-solid plan for keeping your HP up.

Magic Title: Planar Prophet — Because we need ALL the floors.

Venture Title: Holy Blacksmith — Because Great Druid’s Cloak + Electric Shock Ring + the Chemistry that gives +30% to low-level spells + a high base Power = Lightning Bolts that kill the F60 boss in 2 casts. 🙂  Also, with Avallon sciences, the Blacksmith’s Anvil just pops out Quenching Essence every 5 floors, and every Quenching Essence beyond what you craft with turns into +2 Attack (again because Science!), which adds up over this many floors.

Melee Title: Titan Knight — I wanted the +30% HP from Knight for Justice Herald, and Titan Knight synergizes with Earth Master, so this was the title of choice.

Artifact: Boots of Planar Prophet — ALL. THE. DAMN. FLOORS.

Potion: Vampire Hunter’s Potion — You gotta have some Attack to conserve your spells for as long as possible, and you gotta have some Power to get max back-travel, so…why not?

Other Gear: I ended up wearing the Steam set, naturally, along with the Clockwork Pendant (+3 EP/tile) (I did switch this out for a (crafted) Starmoon Pendant after I had maxxed out all my Titles), the Electric Shock Ring, the Great Druid’s Cloak, the Boots of Planar Prophet, and the Dimension Bag. Mostly obvious, but one thing is worth pointing out: with the proper Science!, the Electric Shock Ring also grants +100% to Chain Lightning — which you can cast over and over again using Future Cat’s Lightning Cloud. So that’s nice. 🙂

The Run-Down: So honestly I don’t remember a lot of this run, because I traveled 246 floors getting from 1 to 80. I know that I used Magic Carpet on F39, Time Travel Device on F49, PoE #1 on F59 (52 floors back), and PoE #2 on F79 (54 floors back). It got fairly mind-numbing. I maxxed out not only Planar Prophet, but every single Title that gave even a single point of Power by the time I used my first PoE, and I maxxed out every single title period by the time I used my second PoE. I still only got my last necessary Ancient Element on F76 (the second time).

I know that I didn’t use a single Goblin Compound until I had a point in every single Chemistry skill, so that I got all of the side benefits, and that built up a lot over all those floors. I ended with a base Power around 310 and a base Attack around 360, in large part due to burning through 30+ spare Quenching Essences for a 60+ Attack boost.

Floor Strategy: Reveal enemies one at a time and punch them in the face until dead. When stuff gets challenging (F76+ in this case), reveal all the enemies and cast Chain Lightning, then face punch. Once you’ve maxxed out Chemistry, keep buying/acquiring all of the Chemistry Elements you can, because they’re HP and you use them before you use any other resources.

When you have time to sit back and ping something down slowly, take it and use up a few of your Air Gun/Air Cannons to conserve resources. If you hit a floor with 3 ranged units and they’re doing dangerous levels of damage, hit them with Hurricane Straws or just f**k it and Armageddon or otherwise board clear and AoE — but save at least a couple of Hurricane Straws in case you get a Dimension Door; that little guardian inside gets crazy as you get into the lower floors.

Boss Strategy: Electrostatic Field, Disrupting Ray, Lighting Bolt, (your choice of Hex, Resentment-Venting Hourglass, or Timestill from either your spellbook or the Future Cat item), Lightning Bolt until dead. Seriously, that’s how I took out F60, F70, and F80. 😀

Final Notes: This was an ordeal of repetition, but it was a great way to get about 30 DP in one run and nail the Boss Prize as a side benefit. If I had to do it again, I’d do it exactly the same way. 🙂


Casting Immortal Source 20 Times…as a Time Lord!

Maze: Dracula’s Castle

Purpose: Cast Immortal Source 20 times (consuming 20 Ancestral Bloods, which sucks to do.)

Main Gumball: Dwarf King — Honestly, I worked backwards here and came to the main gumball last, deciding to take Dwarf King because I wanted the Quenching Essences and I wanted the base stats of a fighter-type, which weirdly, Dwarf King totally has.

Soul Link 1: Justice Herald — This build is largely based around Justice Herald. Specifically, the interaction between Immortal Source (which at max level gives you +3 Attack, +3 Power, +30 HP, and +30 MP per cast) and Justice Herald’s percentage-based healing factor. Because I’m literally only ever using 4 Ancestor’s Bloods for raising the stats on my Relics (3 on Eternal Cup and one on Confinement Cage), every other Ancestor’s Blood I find is going to give me +30 HP (and the other nifty stat boosts as well). I intend to have so much HP that Justice Herald’s healing factor keeps up into the triple digits. We’ll see if that works.

Soul Link 2: Red Hood — Weird choice, right? Well, no. Red Hood’s power, once you have obtained Mr. Wolf’s Camouflage, basically gives you occasional nuggets of “lose some HP/MP, gain some other stat” — well, with Justice Herald doing his thing, the HP gains will vanish in the wash. Add on the MP gains from Immortal Source to cancel out the MP losses from Red Hood’s foodstuffs, and she basically turns into an ongoing stat-boosting machine to add onto my existing stat-boosting machine.

Venture Title: Holy Blacksmith — I’m starting down the Venture Title first even though it’s not my main Title, because the single most important thing for making this build even vaguely effective into the late game is being able to craft Great Druid’s Cloak (followed later by Ash Ring and even later by Starmoon Pendant). I took one star of Treasure Seeker, one star of Explorationist, one star of Blacksmith, all three stars of Royal Blacksmith, one star of Holy Blacksmith, then back to fill in the rest of Blacksmith.

The idea here is to buy every treasure worth 50 EP or less out of every shop, then disenchant it all for Quintessence progress and net EP gain once we get three stars each in Royal Blacksmith and Blacksmith.

The Great Druid’s Cloak makes Dwarf King’s proc absolutely lethal, and gives all those Lightning Bolts and Fireballs the ability to clear ranged mobs with one cast until well into the depths. Also, importantly, wearing it and having a solid Power will let you kill the Boss with Holy Bolts in very little time.

Melee Title: Knight –> Fighter — After snagging the first level of Holy Blacksmith, I took all three stars of Novice Warrior and the first star of Knight. Then I went for the first three stars of Apprentice Mage, and came back for the first stars each of Silver Knight and Royal Knight. Then I paused to do the first step of the Mage stuff below, then came back to pop the first level of Fighter in time for the F60 boss.

The reasoning here is twofold: first, the HP gain from Knight boosts Justice Herald’s regeneration factor even more. Second, we have Great Druid’s Cloak-powered nukes and Thor’s Hammer for cleaing floors — we need s solid plan for clearing bosses. Fighter will give us that.

Magic Title: Time Lord — Yep! I decided not to wait for Templar. I have been griping about Time Lord for a long time now, and I realized that I hadn’t tried to play one since before I had unlocked Bloody Fortress. It was time to try again, but with a lot more experience under my belt. Between Royal Knight and Fighter, I paused to take one star each of White Mage and Priest, then maxxed out Air Master for bigger Thor’s Hammering.

After the F60 boss (and it’s attendant levels of Fighter), I maxxed out Priest for the Power boost, then took Time Lord and all three of its Power stars, because I felt in my bones that I had a Portal of Earth dropping soon, and I wanted to be ready. As it turns out, I was right — my one and only PoE dropped on F64, and I used it on F69 — 24 floors back to floor 45 I went. Oh, but I forgot a part:

Dragon Title: Evil Dragon — I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the Dragon Title wish, and I took one star each of Wyvern Bloodline and Primary Dragon Bloodline right before I took my first star of Time Lord. Why? Another 10% bonus HP, of course! 🙂

On my way re-down from F45 (post-PoE), I filled in the other two stars of Knight, the other two stars of Wyvern, the other two stars of Primary Dragon, and took one level each of Medium, Advanced, and Evil Dragon — in the name of MASSIVE HP, with a side helping of “hey, Fighter + Evil Dragon sounds like a downright great way to slaughter that damn Bone Dragon, eh?” Then I took all three Attack-granting stars of Fighter.

By the time I quit on F80, I had taken all 3 HP stars of Time Lord, all 3 HP stars from Holy Blacksmith, all three HP stars and both Artifact stars for Fighter.

Other EP Spending: I purchased every single Ancestor’s Blood and every single Shadow Stone that showed up. This meant I *always* kept a stock of 750ish EP in reserve just in case another opportunity arose.

Artifact: Helmet of Fighter — Well, we’re punching faces, we’re taking Fighter, and the HP bonus helps Justice Herald do his thing. Oh, and we don’t have a helmet coming in from Red Hood, Holy Blacksmith, or Dracula’s Castle in our plan. Kind of a nice coincidence.

Potion: Whale Oil — because you know it’s all about that base ’bout that base: base HP, that is.

Relics: Eternal Cup, Confinement Cage, Talking Puppet — And here is where this build gets meaty as f**k. By the time I used my one and only PoE, I had cast 8 Back in Times (5 on floor 39 and 3 on floor 59), and 17 Immortal Sources, for a total of +51 Attack and Power and +510 HP and MP. That’s 76 HP per floor I wouldn’t otherwise have been gaining from Justice Herald! After I had maxed out all of these at +10, I started keeping my eye out for a Mutu’s Belt, just because I had over a hundred Essence Blood just sitting around, and I figured I could spend 1 Ancestor’s Blood to activate the first-level 15% heal for 5 Essence Blood. Unfortunately, I never found one. 😦 The Talking Puppet I kept because I figured an extra 25% boost to all damage spells would play nice with Great Druid’s Cloak.

Other Gear: I obtained Red Hood’s set fairly early and used it until I quit, just because I was busy disenchanting everything else for Quintessence and I kind of like randomly casting Frog. 🙂 I crafted my Great Druid’s Cloak somewhere in the mid-50s, and Ring of Ash on F79 right before the final showdown with the F80 boss. (Reach floor 80 was the last DP quest that I was going to be able to get on this run, so I quit there. I could have gone much farther had I been patient and played well — I had a metric asstonne of resources untouched — but my goal was not depth, just DP.)

Final Notes: Yeah, I literally never once used the actual class feature of Time Lord. Literally never. Not even by accident. What I did do was cast not just 20, but a ridiculous 28 Immortal Sources. With all of the HP stars, the Immortal Sources, the +20% HP bonus from Knight, the other +20% HP bonus from Primary Dragon, and all of the normal HP gain, I ended the run with 3,391 HP. Also, 2,115 MP, 199 Attack, and 183 Power — before any buffs. Turns out gaining 508 HP just for going down a floor (and that’s just from Justice Herald; I also had HP gains from Priest, Silver Knight, and Medium Dragon pouring in) is pretty good. 😀