The Hell Frontier DP Quest Guide

Alright, I’m departing from my usual format here to drop a guide for completing some of the harder-to-compete DP quests in Hell Frontier.

Resurrect Tyrael/Diablo

  1. Save up 10 Light/Dark Crystals and some Earth Crystals
  2. Use the Earth Crystals on a Dim Matrix, and Activate it
  3. Find Tyrael/Diablo’s Corpse
  4. Feed the Light/Dark Crystals to Tyrael’s/Diablo’s Corpse


The “Light Sacred Artifact” and “Dark Sacred Artifact” sets.

  1. Buy 3 of the 4 pieces from the Light-Crystal Shop and the Dark-Crystal Shop respectively.
  2. Buy (from the respective Crystal Shops) or find (on corpses*) 3 Demon Thorns (for the Light Set item) or 3 Angel Wings (for the Dark Set item).
    1. *:This is a little confusing, because Angel Wings are found on Demon Corpses, but are needed for the Dark Set, and vice versa. So you need to search Demons to get the parts for the Dark Set, which isn’t hard to understand — but then they went and put Demon Corpses in the Light-crystal Strongholds, so you need to spend Light Crystals to get the Dark Set item, and vice versa. OR you can get both Angel and Demon Corpses from the Earth-crystal Dim Matrix, but you only have a chance to get the items if you Search the corpses rather than Reviving them.
  3. Find a recipe for the last item specifically on the respective kind of corpse (in the opposite kind of Stronghold!)  — I’ve heard that they can also show up in the correct kind of Crystal Shop, but I’ve never seen them there.
  4. Gather 25 of the appropriate kind of Crystal for your item, and 3 fire Crystals.
  5. Find a Dim Matrix, and put the Fire Crystals in, then put the Recipe in, then hit Craft.
  6. Put the entire suit on for the DP. 🙂


The Doomsday Blade reaches the Max Level

  1. Save up 126 Fire Crystals.
  2. Find the Doomsday Blade somewhere below F50.
  3. Upgrade the Doomsday Blade 5 times.
  4. Draw the Doomsday Blade.


Learn a Special Spell

  1. Save up 30 Dark Crystals
  2. Find Abbadon’s Statue
  3. Feed the Crystals to the Statue
  4. Use the resultant Scroll.


Successfully Transplanted the Corpse Flower

  1. Have as main one of Explosive Pumpkin, Cactus, Sunflower, or World Tree.
  2. Save up 10 Water Crystals
  3. Find the Withered Corpse Flower
  4. Feed the Water Crystals to the Corpse Flower
  5. Talk to the Corpse Flower
  6. Choose the Transplant option.


Open the Hell Rift

  1. Find six Hell Rifts in the floor before F50.
  2. Feed each Hell Rift a single Crystal.
  3. Upon feeding the sixth Crystal, collect all the Gems and tap the hell out of the Minecart and Barrel at the bottom of the screen.


Summon Gumball

  1. Just keep using the pet-summoning Collapsed Gate. It’ll happen.


Receive the Hand of Balrog

  1. Be a Farplane Ranger (lantern)
  2. Find Ragnaros’ Corpse
  3. Use Ragnaros’ Soul to obtain an Eye of Balrog
  4. Save up 28 Fire Crystals and a pile of Light and Dark Crystals
  5. Open Light-elemental Shops and buy Cores of Incandescence until you have 10
  6. Open Dark-elemental Shops and buy Blood of Mountains until you have 10
  7. Somewhere in there, buy a recipe for the Sulfuron Hammer
  8. Use 3 Fire Crystals on a Dim Matrix to open an Alchemy Matrix
  9. Use the recipe for the Sulfuron Hammer in the Alchemy Matrix
  10. Use the Eye of Balrog to turn the Sulfuron Hammer into the Hand of Balrog


Obtain the Hidden Gumball(/’s Fragments)

  1. Die somewhere, probably best below F50
  2. Next run, save up 50 of each Elemental Crystal, with 1 extra Dark Crystal
  3. Trade in your set of 50 Elemental Crystals for a Demon Gift Box the floor before you reach your Gravestone
  4. Open the Demon Gift Box to obtain 3 Satan’s Hearts and some other stuff
  5. Reach your Gravestone
  6. Feed your Gravestone one Dark Crystal to open up a portal
  7. Feed the portal 3 Satan’s Hearts


Arananthi’s Notes

This Maze has a very clear “best” route for getting the DP quests done. It goes like this:

  1. Play Earth Elemental main, Genie and Three-Eye King linked, with Boots of Planar Prophet and Nugget Potion. Take Farplane Ranger (lantern) off the bat (F1 if you can), then just work to get the biggest Portals of Earth you can.
  2. Use your Crystals in the following fashion:
    1. Earth: Open every Stronghold as an Earth Stronghold (helps you build your collection of Crystals) until you get your Demon Gift Box. Open every Dim Matrix and an Earth Matrix until you’ve resurrected both Tyrael and Diablo.
    2. Light: Save 10 for resurrecting Tyrael. Open Light-side shops until you have 10 Cores of Incandescence, 3 Demon Horns, and a Recipe for Sulfuron’s Hammer.
    3. Dark: Save 50 for resurrecting Tyrael, feeding to Azazel’s Statue to keep Angels from resurrecting, and getting the special spell from Abbadon’s Statue. Open Dark-side shops until you have 10 Blood of Mountains, 3 Angel Wings, and a Recipe for Sulfuron’s Hammer.
    4. Water: Spend them into Collapsed Portals to summon Water Elementals that heal you every other turn. (Be sure to keep only 1 pet in case you need the other slot for Tyrael/Diablo!) After resurrecting Tyrael and Diablo, spend Water Crystals on the Dim Matrix until you’ve gathered 3 Gems. Then just..whatevs.
    5. Air: Spend them into Spell Shops when possible for more chances at Electrostatic Field/Disrupting Ray/Timestill. After getting 3 Gems from the Dim Matrices, spend Air Crystals to get a higher average EP per Matrix return.
    6. Fire: Save all of them. Seriously, you need 227 just to do the tasks on this list plus use the Teleport backwards. 😀


Good luck, and Enjoy!


The Long Run: 250+ Floors of Avallon Fortress

Maze: Avallon Fortress

Purpose: To max out the Engineering Manual and get as much other DP as possible along the way.

Main GumballGenie — You can see where this is going.

Soul Link 1: Future Cat — Yep.

Soul Link 2: Justice Herald — Because if you’re going to go that many floors, you really need a consistent, rock-solid plan for keeping your HP up.

Magic Title: Planar Prophet — Because we need ALL the floors.

Venture Title: Holy Blacksmith — Because Great Druid’s Cloak + Electric Shock Ring + the Chemistry that gives +30% to low-level spells + a high base Power = Lightning Bolts that kill the F60 boss in 2 casts. 🙂  Also, with Avallon sciences, the Blacksmith’s Anvil just pops out Quenching Essence every 5 floors, and every Quenching Essence beyond what you craft with turns into +2 Attack (again because Science!), which adds up over this many floors.

Melee Title: Titan Knight — I wanted the +30% HP from Knight for Justice Herald, and Titan Knight synergizes with Earth Master, so this was the title of choice.

Artifact: Boots of Planar Prophet — ALL. THE. DAMN. FLOORS.

Potion: Vampire Hunter’s Potion — You gotta have some Attack to conserve your spells for as long as possible, and you gotta have some Power to get max back-travel, so…why not?

Other Gear: I ended up wearing the Steam set, naturally, along with the Clockwork Pendant (+3 EP/tile) (I did switch this out for a (crafted) Starmoon Pendant after I had maxxed out all my Titles), the Electric Shock Ring, the Great Druid’s Cloak, the Boots of Planar Prophet, and the Dimension Bag. Mostly obvious, but one thing is worth pointing out: with the proper Science!, the Electric Shock Ring also grants +100% to Chain Lightning — which you can cast over and over again using Future Cat’s Lightning Cloud. So that’s nice. 🙂

The Run-Down: So honestly I don’t remember a lot of this run, because I traveled 246 floors getting from 1 to 80. I know that I used Magic Carpet on F39, Time Travel Device on F49, PoE #1 on F59 (52 floors back), and PoE #2 on F79 (54 floors back). It got fairly mind-numbing. I maxxed out not only Planar Prophet, but every single Title that gave even a single point of Power by the time I used my first PoE, and I maxxed out every single title period by the time I used my second PoE. I still only got my last necessary Ancient Element on F76 (the second time).

I know that I didn’t use a single Goblin Compound until I had a point in every single Chemistry skill, so that I got all of the side benefits, and that built up a lot over all those floors. I ended with a base Power around 310 and a base Attack around 360, in large part due to burning through 30+ spare Quenching Essences for a 60+ Attack boost.

Floor Strategy: Reveal enemies one at a time and punch them in the face until dead. When stuff gets challenging (F76+ in this case), reveal all the enemies and cast Chain Lightning, then face punch. Once you’ve maxxed out Chemistry, keep buying/acquiring all of the Chemistry Elements you can, because they’re HP and you use them before you use any other resources.

When you have time to sit back and ping something down slowly, take it and use up a few of your Air Gun/Air Cannons to conserve resources. If you hit a floor with 3 ranged units and they’re doing dangerous levels of damage, hit them with Hurricane Straws or just f**k it and Armageddon or otherwise board clear and AoE — but save at least a couple of Hurricane Straws in case you get a Dimension Door; that little guardian inside gets crazy as you get into the lower floors.

Boss Strategy: Electrostatic Field, Disrupting Ray, Lighting Bolt, (your choice of Hex, Resentment-Venting Hourglass, or Timestill from either your spellbook or the Future Cat item), Lightning Bolt until dead. Seriously, that’s how I took out F60, F70, and F80. 😀

Final Notes: This was an ordeal of repetition, but it was a great way to get about 30 DP in one run and nail the Boss Prize as a side benefit. If I had to do it again, I’d do it exactly the same way. 🙂