TEK with No Howling?!? – The Trip to F170 of Gods’ Chessboard

Maze: Gods’ Chessboard

Purpose: DP questing, Boss Quest, and experimenting with a few mechanics I haven’t played with before. Specifically Ferocious.

Mainball: Cytus – TEK + Cytus combines to produce a buff of +5 Attack and +50 HP to all summoned creatures every 3rd floor or so, as long as you keep killing mobs. Generally, this is hampered quite a bit by summoning Howling, which is why we’re not summoning Howling. Also, Timestill Cytus is the answer to Bosses for a very long time. No pun intended. If that was even a pun. I can’t tell.

Linkball 1: Three-Eye King – The sweet thing about Skyeye is that, if your Attack is high enough, you can get most or all of your entire Energy spend back by killing mobs with it. So your only real limit on using the Cytus trick is Cytus’ energy, not TEK’s.

Linkball 2: Future Cat – For a few reasons. I wanted the Time Machine, I wanted the piles of spare Statues you get from each Dimension Door, I wanted the ‘enemies don’t block tiles’ from wearing the Future Technology set (so I could get Skyeye efficiency), and I wanted the Timestill-casting items.


Magic Title: Planar Prophet – The goal is to build up the largest possible pile of Statues so that I can max out the Book, customize my set of Powers, and then still have Statues left over to execute my late-game plan.

Melee Title: Light Paladin – Having a boatload of HP (and the long-range damage reduction) makes doing deep pretty easy if you have something else — say, a huge supply of high-damage pets — that is doing the killing.

Venture Title: Holy Rune Master – 9 more Timestills (made easy b/c Cytus poops Chain Lightning, the other necessary ingredient for crafting Timestills) (turned into 18 more Timestills because Cytus is Cytus) (plus a big pile of bonus low-level buff spells for survival in the deep floors)? Yes, please!

Dragon Title: Demonized Dragon – For the Spell Resistance Penetration, mostly, though the added +100% Chain Lightning damage was sweet, given Cytus poops Chain Lightnings.

Mechanical Title: Interstellar Defender – Because that’s as far as Cytus can get down that Title chain. 🙂


Artifact: Boots of Planar Prophet – More floors!

Potion: Evil God’s Nostrum – Saves a massive pile of Statues if you’re willing to wait until F80 or so to use it.


Other Important Items: I happened upon 3 parts of the Dragon Scale set by F70, so I stopped at the next Blast Furnace and threw Knight Statues into it until I got the fourth piece. Also got an Eternal Set just purely by accident while tossing Amber Statues to try to get more God’s Scrolls for the DP quest. Also, of course, the Ring of Inhibition is 100% necessary.

Statue Strategy: I saved all my statues until I had nearly 200 of each on F80-something. Then I drank my Evil God’s Nostrum and immediately maxxed out all my Book abilities, ending up with about 60 of each statue left over (not counting Amber, which I didn’t use at all except to try to get God’s Scrolls). I had set up my Book for spellcasting across my previous runs, and specifically obtained 2 different +Lightning% abilities, 2 different %-to-cast-Lightning-on-attacking abilities, a +Timestill% ability, and an Amber ability that gave me, at level 20, a phenomenal +40% to all spells.

I summoned Ferocious on F99, after filling a floor with other summoned statues. I hadn’t ever summoned Ferocious before, and I assumed that by “consume all other statues,” it would gain the stats of all those statues, which would be magnificent given that all of those statues had like +200 Atk and +2000 HP from all my CyTEKing. It didn’t. Don’t make my mistake! All you need to do is summon 1 of each statue and Ferocious will be as strong as it gets. I’m pretty sure. (Which is still pretty strong, BTW. It survived until F108, which isn’t bad at all.)


The Rundown:  I maxxed out Planar Prophet and every other Magic star first (using the Time Machine on F31 to start over), then three-starred Melee up to max Knight of Faith for the extra Power. I got one star each of Fortune Finder, Explorationist, and Rune Master before my first PoE from F59 to F7.

Then I took the other two star of Rune Master for the extra low-level spells, one star of Royal Rune Master, and Holy Rune Master and all three of its Power stars. Around this point, I got a Wish and obtained Dragon Titles. After backfilling Fortune Finder and taking one star each of the Mechanical Titles, i PoEd again from F59 to F4.

Then I filled in the Mechanical Titles and backfilled the Venture Titles before three-starring Heavy Armor Knight. At that point, I saved up enough spare EP to take Light Paladin when I was low on HP and left it alone. With everything else full, I started up the Dragon Titles and three-starred everything step by step to Demonized Dragon. Around F130, I used Light Paladin for HP, but maxxed out Demonized Dragon before maxxing out Light Paladin around F140.  After that, I just purchased every statue I found, ’cause duh.


Floor Strategy: Broken into four basic stages.

  • Pre-Future Technology Set: Tap tap tap, reveal an enemy, kill it, keep tapping.
  • W/ Future Tech, Until about F70: As above unless TEK is charged up. Then, instead, reveal everything and kill w/Skyeye. If necessary, cast Bless to empower Skyeye enough to finish everything off at once.  At that point, my Attack was low enough that I had to switch suits.
  • W/Dragon Scale Suit, Until about F110: Back to tap tap kill, but use Skyeye to hurt and get the mild Disrupting Ray effect on any Queens or other extra-big-HP mobs you come across so that you can kill them efficiently.
  • Back to Future Tech, past F110: Summon (floor – 100)/10 Statues, then tap around to reveal one mob, tap other stuff until the Statues kill it, reveal a new mob, etc. Save the Tower for floors with 3+ Ranged units and the Bishop for floors when you’re running low on HP.


Boss Strategy: With Cytus and a sh!tload of Timestills, you can basically go without ever getting attacked until you get so deep that the Boss’ “You can’t cast 5th level spells once the boss is below 20% MaxHP” feature kicks in — and even then, you can make it through another 20 or 30 floors with the power of Hex.  I died on F170 not because of lack of Timestill, but because of lack of Hex.

Even then, you can still survive a lot of hits by summoning a Tower and using Stoneskin, as they stack nicely. What finally actually got me, ironically, was the Boss’ randomized special effect, one of which eats a sh!tload of MP per turn. I haven’t died of a lack of MP since I was DP questing in Bloody Fortress, so that was different, which I choose to interpret as fun. 😀


All told, this run was damn fun, even if it was a little tedious by the end. I don’t like to go super-generic power team all that often, but God’s Chessboard’s statue-summoning mechanic makes this one so obvious that I had to run with it…and it was well worth it. 🙂



Let’s Talk about God’s Chessboard

This is not your standard post of mine; it’s more of a breakdown of the main mechanic of God’s Chessboard and a breakdown of the DP quests. So, let’s jump right in.

Chess Statues

On F1 of the God’s Chessboard, you’ll find a corpse that, when searched, gives you two books, a very important ring (note: don’t plan runs that involve wearing some other ring on this Maze), and some Chess Statues. The Chess Statues are the currency of God’s Chessboard. You can use them in a variety of ways, including:

  • Using them from your inventory to summon a chess piece, which is a pet that sticks around for just the floor that it’s summoned on. Importantly, you can summon as many Chess Pieces as you want on any given floor (as long as there’s open room).
  • Putting them into a magic furnace that appears at irregular intervals, which will turn them into various pieces of equipment. Each chess piece has a specific set of equipment that it can summon from. One item in each black piece’s set is part of the Hikaru set, which you’ll need to summon at least once for some DP. Further, sacrificing an Amber piece will occasionally give you a God’s Scroll, which you will also need to obtain a few of for DP purposes.
  • Sacrificing them at the Evil God’s Statue to change the powers that your Book of choice will give you. That’s its own very complicated thing.


The Books 

Every floor of God’s Chessboard has an Evil Statue on it. The only thing you can do with the statue at first is choose which of the two Books to put in it. This is an interesting mechanic, because once you pick a Book, you can develop the powers that Book gives you — and those powers carry over from run to run.

You still have to unlock and level up the powers each time, but the set of powers that exist in the Book at the end of one run (see below) will be in that Book at the beginning of your next run. That means you can essentially build two different sets of powers over several runs and pick which one you want to use in each run.

The basic rules for the Books are as follows:

  • Every ability has a Max Level (3 through 20), a Current Level (1 to Max), a Tier (Bronze/Silver/Gold), and an associated Statue (Pawn/Knight/Rook/Bishop/Queen/Amber).
  • The abilities are leveled up by sacrificing Statues. Each black Statue gives 50 Exp, and each amber Statue gives 300 Exp. The associated Statue type gives double Exp.
  • New abilities are unlocked based on the total Exp you’ve spent to level up your existing abilities.
  • You get 3 abilities at Max Level 3, then 3 at Max Level 6, then 3 @ 9, 3 @ 12, 3 @ 15, and finally 5 abilities @ Max Level 20.
  • In addition to all of this, you can sacrifice 5 Black Statues or 3 Amber Statues to “Reset” an ability, which will in fact reset the ability’s Current Level to 1 — but it will also randomize the ability itself, erasing the old one.
  • You can only get an ability with an Amber Statue association by sacrificing Amber statues to reset, but you won’t always get an Amber-associated ability by sacrificing Amber statues. This is important for a couple of reasons:
    • First, the Hidden Gumball is only available if you find the Amber Ability “Treasure of the King” and level it up to level 20.
    • Second, obtaining a total of 5 Amber Abilities is a DP quest.
  • There are other DP quests available through the Books as well:
    • Spending 50 of each Black statue to level up abilities,
    • Spending 10 Amber statues to level up abilities,
    • Upgrading every ability in the Book to max level,
    • Obtaining 3 Gold abilities simultaneously, and
    • Obtaining 3 of the same ability simultaneously.

So spend the first few runs carefully building your Books up to craft a set of powers that you can use to kick massive ass in your later runs. It’s well worth the effort. 🙂


Other DP Quests

Most of the DP quests are pretty obvious. The Robotic Arm, the Jumanji Chessboard, the Folding Fan, and a D20 are each available every run, but the D20 won’t work every time you use it. You can buy Evil Energy Crystal Cores and Ferocious in the Maze’s unique store. You can’t get the Heart of Heart and the Heart of Spade in the same run.

I don’t yet know how to obtain a Sin Claw or how to resurrect Black Chess Bishop Samuel. I’ll edit those in as I figure them out.

[EDIT]According to Puffed Smoke on the G&D Forums, you can get Sin Claw by buying a Ferocious statue and tossing it into a Blast Furnace; and you can meet Black Chess Bishop Samuel on F2 by ignoring the Evil God statue on F1. 🙂 [/EDIT]


…And that’s it for now. A few more days and I’ll finish my current Big Long Run and post all about it. Until then, I hope this helps! 😀