Builds I Want to Try and Why, Part II

Starmoon Scholar (Lord of Elements (Fire) ) main, Mammoth (Titan Knight), and Slave (Holy Blacksmith) linked.  Boots of Titan Knight; Lich’s Enhancement Liquid.

Starmoon main brings the Starmoon Badge with him, which when paired with the Starmoon Pendant (from Holy Blacksmith) gives you +1 Power per tile flipped. Titan Knight and Mammoth both flip hard-to-reach tiles, albeit rarely.  Starmoon transcribes Lightning Bolts, and with Holy Blacksmith, you can whip out a Great Druid’s Cloak to make those Bolts massive. Slave is there to give you a massive dump of EP and Disenchantable material for to craft 6-star items right around the time that the going might otherwise get a little rough. This build would have a tough time getting started, but I think it could be amazing once you made it to F51.


Dwarf King (Lord of Elements (Dark) ) main, Hamster (Holy Blacksmith) and Gangster (Dark Arbiter) linked. Lord of Elements’ Gloves; Lich’s Enhancement Liquid.

Between the Dark Ripple chance from Dark Arbiter and the Lightning chance from Dwarf King, you’ll be proccing a lot. Hamster makes sure you hit everything when you do. Gangster exists solely to feed huge amounts of free treasure into Holy Blacksmith, allowing you to create a Great Druid’s Cloak, Ring of Ash, Book of Darkness, and so on, making sure your procs stay relevant forever (and also netting you a crapload of EP to spend).


Paparazzi (Farplane Ranger (bow) ) main, Spartan (Duke of Destruction) and High Priest (Legendary Mage) linked. Duke of Destruction’s Belt; Vampire Hunter’s Potion.

For use only in Village of Heroes, Ancient Arena, or Pirate’s Seaport, as the major purpose here is to collect a boatload of souls that cast Blade of Ruin, and thus get around the major weakness of the Duke of Destruction+Legendary Mage build: that you don’t start the floor with BoR unless you craft a Dragon Scale set.



2 thoughts on “Builds I Want to Try and Why, Part II

  1. I’ve been meaning to find a build for Dwarf King so I tried the one above. I was able to reach F70 without much trouble, but it struggles a bit from there. Sadly Dwarf King isn’t one of the better Canas gumballs out there.

    Hamster shows some potential for its ‘Spy’ ability and I’m glad Canas finally got one. I never knew he had that ability to be honest (ie. never bothered to read) so thanks for that.


    1. Hey, thanks for giving one of my random thought-projects a try! I’ll find the right build for Dwarf King someday. (I’m increasingly convinced it involves going to Avallon Fortress and getting the Lightning Ring action going. 😀 )


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