Maxxing out City of Steam Manual while Testing Earth Elemental

Maze: City of Steam

Purpose: Gotta get that manual maxxed out! Also, we’re getting the XP quest “Max out Great Enchanter,” ’cause it’s my last Adventure Title. Just as importantly, we’re playtesting Earth Elemental to see if it makes it any easier to devote your Magic Title to Planar Prophet. (tl;dr: It does!)

Main Gumball: Odin — We’re doing City of Steam right, in full magic mode, bitches.

Soul Link 1: Earth Elemental — Sweet, sweet Earth Master synergy, here we come!

Soul Link 2: Machine Herald — Because I hadn’t played him yet, and I figured a near-constant 50% Attack boost would help me melee my way down without using too many scrolls/MP.

Magic Title: Conjurer –> Earth Master –> Planar Prophet — Because the whole point is to see if we finally have something that synergizes effectively with Planar Prophet. Also, manual maxxing.

Venture Title: Rune Master –> Weapon Master –> Great Enchanter — Gotta get that sweet Adventure Mastery trophy. Also, we’re going to need some extra damage to keep punching faces in the lower floors as our Attack isn’t going to keep up very well, and this’ll help.

Unexpectedly, one of the hidden power-plays in this run turned out to be Rune Master. In City of Steam (and Avallon Fortress, too), the Crucible actually gives +25% low-level spells (instead of +15%) — and over all the many floors I traveled, that ended up being super strong. I quit with more than 40 Cure spells in my inventory, and that was after averaging 2.5 per floor for the last 17 floors.

Melee Title: Knight of Faith –> Armored Knight –> Titan Knight — Because Earth synergy is the name of the game, and this will give us a regular, if not predictable, way to add damage based on our enormous Power to our face punchings.

Artifact: Crown of Pope — All of my in-Title artifacts are magic-slotted, so I can’t take any of them and still use the Electric-Powered Set. So of the melee slots, I wanted to take either a Crown or a Belt because they’re the two slots that usually don’t give anything but HP. I had my eye set on a Lightsaber for an Accessory, and a Belt of Electric Arc because Odin, mothafokka, and so the headgear was my option. And I was determined to go Full Mage, so we went for the Magic-oriented headgear.

Potion: Potion of Great Designer — Manual maxxing, plain and simple.

Other Gear: Totally ended up with the Green Lightsaber and the Belt of Electric Arc. I also ended up carrying around a Book of Water for a good portion of time as well. Managed to find Dragon Scale gloves and Sapphire Armor so I was busting out phat Disrupting Rays to go with my phat Electrostatic Fields. Really the thing that I loved the most gear-wise, though, was the Fishbone Spikes — the City of Steam consumable item that pops out an Earth Spike and gives you a permanent 1% bonus to Earth spells. I think I burned through at least 18 of them. Any time I could hit 3 or more enemies, out they came. I kept all the consumables until I had one of every Science, though, so that I could eke out every benefit possible.

The Run Down: I started by maxxing out Magic Apprentice, then took one star of Wizard and Conjurer, than maxxed out Earth Master, then (gritting my teeth) I stuck around and maxxed out 100% of Planar Prophet, including two Artifact stars. By the time that was done, it was F54, and as it turned out, I had just enough PoE power to go all the way back to Floor One…so i did!

Starting over again, I maxxed out Novice Warrior, then one star in Knight, three stars in Knight of Faith for more Power, one star in Armored Knight, and then took Titan Knight and all three of the +trigger% stars. Around floor 55 (take 2), I switched over to Venture titles and took one star each of Fortune Finder and Explorationist, then maxxed out Rune Master. One star in Weapon Master, and then one star in Great Enchanter.

Around floor 70, I started backfilling: first Conjurer for the MP gain, then Knight of Faith for the Power, then I basically just backfilled everything from cheapest to most expensive, ending up filling in the last of Great Enchanter at F96.

The floor strategy was challenging — I had no way to deal with all the Damage Reflect robots except for spells, and I was pretty concerned about keeping my MP up. So I carefully, carefully used all of the Frag Grenades and Flamethrowers and Grenade Launchers — not to mention the aforementioned Fishscale Spikes — to clear the spiky sumbitches for as long as they lasted. Then I let the Lightning Bolts and Fireballs flow like water, only using my Earth Elemental Orb when it’s spread-damage effect or tile-flipping effect would be valuable.

Without Rune Master’s extra 10% bonus, I would have ran out of Bolts and Balls around F75. As it was, I ran out around F80 and resorted to mostly Earth Elemental Balls…only to discover that I probably should have been using them for a while before that because they were much stronger than the low-level nukes thanks to Earth Elemental+Earth Master+all those Fishscale Spikes. I would have used less MP per kill if I’d switched around F70.

All of the non-reflect bots I facepunched using Machine Herald’s 50% attack bonus + Great Enchanter’s 50% damage bonus until F80 or so. I facepunched the low-attack Repair bots all the way down. From F80-F87, I used Metal Charizards to avoid taking counterattack damage by keeping Blade of Ruin up for seven straight floors. Past F87, I just magicked down absolutely everything.

End Result: Painfully, I found myself in a deathtrap on F97. A magic-cancelling trap was all the way across the floor from the door, and three high-damage ranged units were guaranteed to kill me before I got there. I had no tricks left up my sleeve, and I had already Revived once thanks to a nearly-identical situation on F88. I wasn’t going to Revive again — I have pride — even though it meant that I died with 2 Sciences left to go before I maxxed out the Manual.

All that way, and all that awesome synergy and amazing fun (and seriously, this was one of the funnest runs I’d ever had!), and I was unlucky in one simple but ultimately purpose-foiling regard: I never found a second PoE. That would have made the Manual-filling-out thing easy.

Oh, well. Guess I’ll have to try again with Water Elemental and Archbishop. 🙂


Taking Abyss to F100 Farming Ancient Arena

Maze: Ancient Arena

Purpose: To finish the Honor Quests “Reach Floor 100 with Abyss Roar” and “Fill in Holy Rune Master.” Oh, also, farm the hell out of the Ancient Arena’s audience members.

Main Gumball: Shadow Assassin — We’re going to F100, so I’m pulling out all the cheese stops on this one.

Soul Link 1: Vampire — ALL the cheese stops. With Death Ripples killing most of the foes and Life Drain sucking HP back from the few we do have to attack, we’re going to waltz through the floor mobs all the way down.

Soul Link 2: Mutant no. 5 — So, we need something we can do against the boss, too. Timestill On a Stick sounds like a great idea, and it’ll let us heal up by punching floor-mob faces without counterattacks on the lower floors, too.

Melee Title: Dark Arbiter — Obviously. 40% Death Ripple from Shadow Assassin, 20% Death Ripple from Assassin’s Mask, and 40% Death Ripple from Dark Arbiter means literally every facepunch comes with a Death Ripple. Every. Single. One. That’s bork as furk.

Magic Title: Dark Priest — Because double damage and extra Death Ripple effect is what this build is all about.

Venture Title: Holy Rune Master — Because double damage and extra Implosion effect is a good way to hurt bosses, but Implosions don’t come often enough, so we’ll make our own.

Artifact: Gloves of Dark Arbiter — Because the artifact’s stars give you a second 50% chance to do double damage with Death Ripple (at 2 stars, which is all I have right now). I never actually bothered to sit down and determine whether the two chances stacked (i.e. my Ripples were always doing double damage), or they were independent (and doing quadruple damage 25% of the time and double damage 50% of the time).

Potion: Mixture of Light and Dark — I’ll never understand why Abyssal Rum gives +20% to Fire and Dark and then no other stats, where Mixture of Light and Dark gives you +20% to Light and Dark…and then also +2 Power and +30 MP. Is Light that much weaker than Fire?

Other Gear: I have to admit, I got lucky with gear on this run. By the end, I was wearing almost entirely six-star gear: Istantine, Melee Master’s Gloves, Consul’s Armor, Starmoon Pendant…but the thing that really made it shine was landing the Great Druid’s Cloak from the F60 boss. Without that, I probably would have died somewhere near F85. With it, I cleared those last 15 floors nicely.  My only two low-end bits of gear were Nether Boots — which don’t count, I disenchanted four or five higher-star boots because I wanted that +25% to Death Ripple — and a Ceremony Ring. Yeah, I literally never found a ring except that and about seven Rune Rings.

The Run Down: I ran straight up to Dark Arbiter and maxed out the +Ripple Chance star before I touched any other class. Then it was up to Dark Priest (through Conjurer to keep MP up) and all three +Death Ripple Effect stars in that and then the same from Dark Arbiter. Then I took the two Artifact Stars for Arbiter, then went and backfilled all the lower Magic titles and all the lower Melee titles in that order.

Then it was a straight shot to Holy Rune Master, and maxxed out the damn thing entirely for the XP. Next was a backfill of all the Venture Titles, then my one PoE from F79 to F55. Then I got the rest of Dark Arbiter filled in, and finished off Dark Priest by F83.

I purchased every single Shaman’s Ear I could find, and used them liberally during Arena fights to kill the audience — down to about F65; after that, it was easy to kill the audience by punching the enemy a bunch. For most battles afterward, I actually went ahead and took my Gloves of Dark Arbiter off to lower my Attack so that I could get more Death Ripples off before the enemy died. Got all of 2 gems from killing the audience, but I did manage to pull off the whole Panda-wine Oriental-shrine thing, so that more than made up for it. 🙂

The basic floor strategy was drop-dead simple: reveal as many enemies as possible, punch the one with the lowest Attack, repeat. Arena doesn’t have a lot of complex baddies, so it didn’t need to be anything but that.

The boss strategy was almost as simple: Electrostatic Field, Disrupting Ray, punch face until dead…until F60. Then it became Field, Aurora Barrier, Disrupting Ray, punch face until dead…until F80. Then it was Electrostatic Field, Aurora Barrier, Disrupting Ray, Implosion until dead (s/l once when I really needed the Dark Priest’s crit to go off and it didn’t.) The F90 boss took a Shaman’s Ear before each Implosion and three Holy Rebirths, and of course I didn’t even try to fight the F100 boss. XP accomplished, run over, done deal. 🙂




Honor Questing in Saint’s Tower w/ Ranger Song

Maze: Saint’s Tower — Because it’s easy to get to F100 when you have +50 Atk and Pwr and +500 HP and MP. Also, the Workshops here let you level up Elemental Suits, and you can Steal parts of the Light and Dark suits here, so it’s the place to go if you need a Dark and/or Light suit for Honor Questing.

Purpose: To get the Honor Quests ‘Take a Ranger Song team to F100,’ ‘Obtain the Dark Suit,’ ‘max out Great Swordsman,’ and ‘max out Pope.’

Main Gumball: Divine Dragon — I knew I was going Pope for the XP, and I figured that would take me through Light Master, so the free Divine Favors from the Dragon would be super useful. Also, the 20% boost to MP from Primary Dragon would add to the value of Magic Toffee.

Soul Link 1: Lionheart King — Because if you’re going to have Dragon titles tacked on to your usual set, you might as well make them cheap. Also, this makes the XP quest for Great Swordsman 30% less annoying. 🙂

Soul Link 2: Kaito — Because I’m planning on stealing the parts of the Dark Suit from the mobs in Saint’s Tower.

Magic Title: Priest –> Light Master –> Pope — For the XP! Also, this will make it much easier to nuke down the boss in his Dark phase.

Melee Title: Knight of Faith –> Armored Knight –> Light Paladin — Because I want those Divine Favors to achieve maximum value, and getting a bunch more doesn’t hurt, either.

Venture Title: Rune Master –> Weapon Master –> Great Swordsmith — 15% more Holy Bolts sounds like winning, the 15% Counterattack Prevention stacks neatly with the Crystal Shoes and Crystal Dress, and Swordsmith’s Runes read “beat one floor free of charge,” so 9 of them will get me from F91 to F100 easy-peasy. (Actually, one floor I did punch enemies in the face for so long that the dungeon nearly collapsed on me…got out on my 98th turn!)

Dragon Title: Medium Dragon Bloodline — Because I had them, and I had the EP to buy them. 🙂

Artifact: Ring of Great Enchanter — Not useful for my classes, but between the treasures of Saint’s Tower and the pieces of the Dark Suit, I was limited to choosing between Rings and Gloves, and I wanted to get plenty of Power but also recognized that a little Attack is vital for punching your way past the early game.

Potion: Mixture of Light and Dark — Because it’s the only way to eke any more utility out of those Divine Favors and also Pope.

Other Gear: I used the Crystal Shoes and Crystal Dress to reduce enemy counterattacks so that I could keep punching faces for as long as possible, for to conserve spells. I did successfully build the Dark Suit, but ended up discarding everything but the Voodoo Cloak, which I kept because it’s one of the few ways to get Power (instead of MP) out of the Cloak slot. I also wore the Magic Boy’s Glasses for the same reason.

I ended up carrying around a Dark Book as treasure, and swapping it out for a Skullcap Wand whenever I had to heal myself (15% healing magic boost FTW). I also swapped out my Voodoo Cloak for an Oracle’s Cape when it came time to kill bosses, and my artifact ring for a Ring of Faith whenever I had to heal myself.

The Run-Down: I basically facepunched everything from F1-F59 (except the boss). Even with my miserably low Attack, I forced my way through in melee, relying on massive counterattack reduction and the fact that Divine Favor basically took me from single-digit HP to near full in a single cast. Then, I cast my one PoE to go back 27 floors because I didn’t quite feel ready for the F60 boss. Looking back, I have no idea why I felt that way because the bosses were the easiest part of this run by far. Getting +100% effect Holy Bolts (+75% from Pope and +25% from Oracle’s Cape) that double-cast themselves (thanks Pope) meant that the F30, F40, and F50 bosses dropped before they could take an action, and the F60 and F70 bosses dropped before they could take two actions. 🙂

It was F49 that I realized I had gotten level 5 in all four of Saint’s Towers custom buffing spells, and I had 7 Magic Toffees, so it was time. I cast 10x “Give me 50 MP,” used a couple of Toffees, cast 10x “Give me 5 Power,” used a couple of Toffees, cast 10x “Give me 50 HP,” used a couple of Toffees, cast 10x “Give me 5 Attack,” used a single Toffee, and moved on to kill the F50 boss with a smile in my heart.

Title-wise, I drove straight to Pope, then backfilled Magic Apprentice and Light Master. Then I took 3 stars of Novice Warrior, one star of Knight, Knight of Faith, and Armored Knight, and then backfilled Knight of Faith for more Power. Then I took one star each of Fortune Finder and Explorationist, all three stars of Rune Master (for more Holy Bolts!), one star of Weapon Master, and one star in Great Swordsmith. Then I filled in ALL of the Dragon Titles, went back to obtain every point of HP that I could from everywhere before taking Light Paladin, went back to obtain every point of Power that I could, and finally just filled in everything else pretty randomly. I maxxed out my Titles completely around F92.

Once I got below F60, I started using the Roar spells to snipe off ranged attackers, and facepunched the melee attackers until F81. Burned through about half my enormous backstock of Divine Favors (yes, I refilled my 1200+ HP more than once per floor on average!) Then I used the Roar spells to kill basically everything until F91. 10 MP to cast a spell doesn’t mean sh!t when you’ve got 1500 MP. Literally made up all the MP with a single Magic Toffee on F89. 😀

F91-99, as mentioned, fell like wheat to a series of 9 straight Swordsman’s Runes. The only danger was nearly collapsing the dungeon on myself killing a pair of 1200-HP Rock Golems with attacks that were dealing 27 damage each.

The bosses dropped easily to a basic run of Electrostatic Field, Disrupting Ray, and endless Holy Bolts until F80. The F80 boss I had to futz around a little with an Aurora Barrier and a couple of Icicles. The F90 boss was a genuine pain in the ass, requiring multiple switches back and forth between nuking the Dark-side boss with Holy Bolts, then switching to the Light side for a Divine Favor (which at this point was an automatic trip to full life), another Electrostatic Field, and another Disrupting Ray, then a switch back to the Dark Side. Also several Stoneskins and a couple more Aurora Barriers.

Oh, and Timestill. I Timestilled the F80 boss once and the F90 boss twice. It’s crucial to know that Timestill prevents the boss’s “hurt you badly” aura from going off, so it’s a clutch tool for ekeing out the last three Holy Bolts when you’re about to die.

I quit when I reached the F100 boss. I’m 100% sure I could have beaten him if I had devoted 15 minutes to it, but I had accomplished all four of the Honor Quests I started out to achieve…and besides, I had a dungeon in the brand-new Elemental Event go to clear out before it reset. 🙂

Please Help Save Kiro/MGT&T


I don’t know how many of you have watched the extraordinary videos on the YouTube channel MGT&T, but their creator, Kiro, is far and away one of the most significant and popular content creators in the English-speaking Gumball community. And he’s quitting the game, because he feels — rightfully, if you ask me — that he has been betrayed by the developers.

Kiro spent months purchasing the $8 Lizard upgrade in the Mercenary Camp, believing that he was building toward the acquisition of Creator. He planned, he dropped a mountain of cash, and when he didn’t see the Creator pop up when he knew he should have, he emailed the devs.

Their response? Only charging (i.e. directly purchasing Gems) counts toward Creator. Signboard and Lizard money isn’t counted.

This is not anything that has ever been announced anywhere before, and Kiro has spent his money mainly on the Lizard. It’s bad enough that the Lizard doesn’t give you Gems and so never counts anything toward your Score Rewards, but the fact that it doesn’t add to your Creator acquisition either is just inexcusable.

But this isn’t even about that. It’s about the fact that the English-speaking G&D community is losing one of its powerhouses — a guy who has inspired, informed, recruited, and entertained hundreds of us for months — because of that inexcusably stupid rule.

So I’m asking you — all six or seven of you who read this — to help me. Copy the email below, or write your own, and send it. Post it on the G&D Facebook main page. Send it to the helpdesk. Email it to the community representative, Summer Zhu <>. Let’s talk them into fixing this. For Kiro, and for the benefit of the entire English-speaking Gumball community. Please. And thank you. 🙂


Hello, Gumball Folk,

I just saw this:

I’m devastated. Kiro was single-handedly one of the most significant content creators of the Gumball community. He has done more to inspire, inform, recruit, and excite the English-speaking Gumball community than anyone else. His loss as an active community member will mean an actual loss of revenue for the game — that’s how much he has done and continues to do.

Furthermore, this situation where only some of the money a player spends on G&D counts toward their acquisition of Creator is dumb. We’re sending our money because we love your game, and every dollar we send you is just as valuable as any other. Why should some purchases arbitrarily not count toward the primary reward for high spenders? Especially since this is the first that the community is hearing about it, now that not just Kiro but several others who have replied on the Facebook Forum page have sent in hundreds of collective dollars’ worth of monthly Lizard purchases?

I don’t know how connected you are with the developers, but please pass this letter along and tell them that the community is shaken to its core over this loss. If anyone deserves enough of your respect and appreciation to earn their attention and even earn a straight-up change of the rules, it’s Kiro.

Thank you,

(Your Name) (Your Gumballs & Dungeons User ID)

The Long Run: 250+ Floors of Avallon Fortress

Maze: Avallon Fortress

Purpose: To max out the Engineering Manual and get as much other DP as possible along the way.

Main GumballGenie — You can see where this is going.

Soul Link 1: Future Cat — Yep.

Soul Link 2: Justice Herald — Because if you’re going to go that many floors, you really need a consistent, rock-solid plan for keeping your HP up.

Magic Title: Planar Prophet — Because we need ALL the floors.

Venture Title: Holy Blacksmith — Because Great Druid’s Cloak + Electric Shock Ring + the Chemistry that gives +30% to low-level spells + a high base Power = Lightning Bolts that kill the F60 boss in 2 casts. 🙂  Also, with Avallon sciences, the Blacksmith’s Anvil just pops out Quenching Essence every 5 floors, and every Quenching Essence beyond what you craft with turns into +2 Attack (again because Science!), which adds up over this many floors.

Melee Title: Titan Knight — I wanted the +30% HP from Knight for Justice Herald, and Titan Knight synergizes with Earth Master, so this was the title of choice.

Artifact: Boots of Planar Prophet — ALL. THE. DAMN. FLOORS.

Potion: Vampire Hunter’s Potion — You gotta have some Attack to conserve your spells for as long as possible, and you gotta have some Power to get max back-travel, so…why not?

Other Gear: I ended up wearing the Steam set, naturally, along with the Clockwork Pendant (+3 EP/tile) (I did switch this out for a (crafted) Starmoon Pendant after I had maxxed out all my Titles), the Electric Shock Ring, the Great Druid’s Cloak, the Boots of Planar Prophet, and the Dimension Bag. Mostly obvious, but one thing is worth pointing out: with the proper Science!, the Electric Shock Ring also grants +100% to Chain Lightning — which you can cast over and over again using Future Cat’s Lightning Cloud. So that’s nice. 🙂

The Run-Down: So honestly I don’t remember a lot of this run, because I traveled 246 floors getting from 1 to 80. I know that I used Magic Carpet on F39, Time Travel Device on F49, PoE #1 on F59 (52 floors back), and PoE #2 on F79 (54 floors back). It got fairly mind-numbing. I maxxed out not only Planar Prophet, but every single Title that gave even a single point of Power by the time I used my first PoE, and I maxxed out every single title period by the time I used my second PoE. I still only got my last necessary Ancient Element on F76 (the second time).

I know that I didn’t use a single Goblin Compound until I had a point in every single Chemistry skill, so that I got all of the side benefits, and that built up a lot over all those floors. I ended with a base Power around 310 and a base Attack around 360, in large part due to burning through 30+ spare Quenching Essences for a 60+ Attack boost.

Floor Strategy: Reveal enemies one at a time and punch them in the face until dead. When stuff gets challenging (F76+ in this case), reveal all the enemies and cast Chain Lightning, then face punch. Once you’ve maxxed out Chemistry, keep buying/acquiring all of the Chemistry Elements you can, because they’re HP and you use them before you use any other resources.

When you have time to sit back and ping something down slowly, take it and use up a few of your Air Gun/Air Cannons to conserve resources. If you hit a floor with 3 ranged units and they’re doing dangerous levels of damage, hit them with Hurricane Straws or just f**k it and Armageddon or otherwise board clear and AoE — but save at least a couple of Hurricane Straws in case you get a Dimension Door; that little guardian inside gets crazy as you get into the lower floors.

Boss Strategy: Electrostatic Field, Disrupting Ray, Lighting Bolt, (your choice of Hex, Resentment-Venting Hourglass, or Timestill from either your spellbook or the Future Cat item), Lightning Bolt until dead. Seriously, that’s how I took out F60, F70, and F80. 😀

Final Notes: This was an ordeal of repetition, but it was a great way to get about 30 DP in one run and nail the Boss Prize as a side benefit. If I had to do it again, I’d do it exactly the same way. 🙂

80/80ing Dracula’s Closet…as a Time Lord! (For real this time!)

Maze: Dracula’s Castle

Purpose: Finish this bitch off.

Main Gumball: Vampire Hunter. Both of my soul-links are baby-fresh to my team, so neither is fed anything but the foods necessary to get their Exclusive Skills to level 5. Also, Vampire Hunter is the single best Gumball to have for Dracula’s Closet, because of the +3 Essence Blood per floor and the utility of 30% Dodge Reduction from Vampire Hunter’s Potion.

Soul-Link 1: Claw — Because I just purchased him and I have no idea how he works. Here’s how he works: You gain 3 Energy while attacking, to a cap of 99. You can spend 50 Energy to turn into a Great Bear (his icon changes, too, which is pretty sweet!). Once you’ve transformed, you gain +50% to attack, and +10% to avoid enemy counterattacks. You also gain the ability to cast Fissure (a 15-mana spell that targets a unit and hits it and and the 8 tiles around it, flipping the 8 tiles and then dealing (attack*1.5) damage to all enemies) and Ancient Roar (a 10-mana spell that reduces the Attack of all visible enemies by [10+(your attack/5)]%, max 50%). You can cast these spells as often as you want, but of course Ancient Roar doesn’t stack with itself (or any other debuff).

I’m going to do a run in the near future for the explicit purpose of finding out whether Fissure is affected by Earth Master. If it is, I will have joy, because I’ve been looking for anything other than Titan Knight that synergizes with Planar Prophet, and Claw might just be it. 🙂

Soul-Link 2: Templar — Because I just earned him and I wanted to see if Time Lord would be worth playing if your Air spells were significantly more powerful.

Venture Title: Rune Master –> Great Swordsman — Because 20% attack avoidance from Novice Warrior + 20% from Vampire Hunter +15% from Great Swordsman (Sometimes +10% more from Great Bear form) is a really nice amount of damage reduction, and every Swordmaster’s Rune is one “kill floor instantly” pass from floor 80+. I took one star in each Title up to the first level of Great Swordsman, then backfilled Rune Master for extra Lightning Bolts and Electrostatic Fields, then Treasure Seeker because it’s quicker to clear floors when you know where the bad guys are.

Melee Title: Magic Warrior –> Dragon Warrior –> Hell God of War — Dragon Warrior because I don’t want no summoned Shadows killing off the Zombie-spawners before they go spawning Zombies. Hell God of War because I want a magic proc and Dark Ripple doesn’t affect undead and Light Arbiter never goes off on bosses. Oh, and because Hunter’s Long Whip stacks with Hell God of War for a max 25% proc, which is nice.

I started with Novice Warrior three-stars, then paused to go Magic Apprentice three stars, then filled out one star of Warrior, Magic Warrior and Dragon Warrior before taking and maxing out the HP stars of Hell God of War. Then it was on to the Magic titles.

Magic Title: Time Lord — I really want this Title to do something…and it did. After taking one star each of White Mage, Priest, and Air Master, I took time Lord, went back and filled in Air Master, then Priest, then the Power stars from Great Swordsmith. (At that point, I cast my one PoE, from F69 back 25 floors to F44.) Then I took the Power stars from Time Lord, and went back to fill in Warrior, then Dragon Warrior, then Magic Warrior. Then I just kind of filled in all the other stuff randomly. I was near Peak Title when I quit on F91.

Time Lord really shines when you have the power to deal serious melee damage and serious magic damage, but you don’t have a lot of HP. Basically, this build is a glass cannon — even given the 45% counterattack-reduction and the 30% Dodge (see below), I still regularly found myself one counterattack away from dying on F67 onward.

That’s when I started throwing around my massive backlog of Lightning Bolts all willy-nilly and using the one round of Timestill to punch the biggest baddest dude on the floor in the face. I burned through the entire stack of Bolts between floors 71 and 83, but it was well worth it, because then I had all of my other normal floor-clearing mechanisms on-hand to get me from F84 to F90. When I found a floor with 3+ ranged enemies, I cast Earthquake and dropped a Chain Lightning or two on the ranged mobs before dropping back to Lightning Bolts.

I got the 9th Artifact on F79, but pressed onward because I still had to find one more Shadow Stone. I got it on F88, used it, and then realized I was one Dragon Ball away from a second wish, so I figured I’d see if I could nail it. I got it as boss loot from the F90 boss, got ‘rich’, and quit on F91 because I was bloody well done with this damn Closet. 🙂

Artifact: Belt of Time Lord — Because the artifact star gives you 4x Electrostatic Field, and that’s just a really nice spell to have a lot of on-hand. And stats were relevant.

Potion: Vampire Hunter’s Potion — Because +6 Attack and Power and -30% enemy Dodge are great.

Relics: Confinement Cage, Spear Ring Thingy, Holy Crown — Because I really wanted the Light Magic boost for Holy Bolts and Divine Favors, I had to cast 3 more Bombs from the Ring and (somehow!) still had 4 more Back in Times left to cast. Oh, and I needed to collect all 9 artifacts in one run. Cake, right?

Actually, it was. I didn’t even get crazy lucky with good Dragon wishes (got two, both not relevant to in-Maze progress.) Between the huge Attack boosts from Claw-form helping me clear 2 floors out of every 10 (and helping vs. the bosses on F30/40/50) with occasional blasts of Meteor Storm and the actually-daunting power of 135%-boosted Electrostatic Fields/Disrupting Rays into 25%-boosted Holy Bolts made the F80/90 bosses actually possible.

Other Gear: As mentioned, I kept the Hunter’s Long Whip, and I used Killer’s Glasses for a while while I maxxed out the Confinement Cage, the Vampire Hunter’s Cloak, and the Corrosive Bracelet in that order. Once I got a few levels into Holy Crown, I switched over to that. I did manage to put together the entire Noble Set and use it starting around the time I PoE’d.

Final Notes: This was a fun run, actually. I think if I were to do it again, I’d choose Mutu’s Belt over Holy Crown, and I’d take Crown of Pope instead of Time Lord’s Belt. Glad to be done with Dracula’s Closet, and turns out that if you’re super-careful about how you build for it, you can actually do something useful and fun with Time Lord. It’s not powerful, so it’s never going to be a mainstream thing, but it’s not at all a poor choice as long as you plan for it. 🙂

Experimental Run: Burninating the Countryside

Maze: Dracula’s Castle — Yeah, still here, still looking for random DP quests while I’m playing around.

Purpose: To get the highest percentage bonus to Fire spells I can and see what happens.

Main Gumball: Red Dragon — Because being Red Dragon main gives you +40% to Fire Magic when you take the Hell Crimson Reagent. Yeah, my base Power won’t be so hot, but don’t worry — the heat will come.

Soul Link 1: Hellfire — +75% to Fire magic is basically the core of the build.

Soul Link 2: Vampire Hunter — Yes, I could probably have taken Gumiho here, but I wanted a Venture title, and Dracula’s Castle is half Undead, so progress would have been slow anyway. Also, Vampire Hunter’s Blood Contract helps in maxxing out the Relics quite a bit.

Melee Title: Magic Warrior –> Dragon Warrior –> Hell God of War — because Fire magic, obviously. I didn’t want to take Duke of Destruction, because (and yes, this gets a bit obsessive) the Artifact Stars for Hell God of War give you an item called Hell Dust that casts Armageddon followed by a randomly-targeted Meteor Storm…and gives you a permanent +3% boost to all your Fire magic. ;D

I took 3 levels of Novice Warrior, 3 levels of Magic Apprentice, and then took one level each of Warrior, Magic Warrior, Dragon Warrior, and Hell God of War. Then I took all three of the +HP/+Trigger% stars, and then the one Artifact star that I had available to me. Then I moved on to the Magic titles.

Magic Title: Wizard –> Fire Master –> Lord of Elementals — I debated going Mage of Destruction, but Lord of Elementals plays nice with Fist of the Heavens and Holy Bolt, and I figured that might be useful at some point. I took one star each of Black Mage and Wizard, then all three stars of Fire Master and one star of Lord of Elementals, then all three of the +Power stars of LoE. Then I went back and grabbed all three +Power stars of Hell God of War before moving on to the Venture titles.

Venture Title:  Holy Rune Master — for to turn useless Blinds into useful Meteor Swarms and useless Blades of Ruin into useful Armageddons. I never got that far, though. I got all three stars of Treasure Seeker, one star in Explorationist, and three stars in Rune Master. Then I got sidetracked because I remembered that I had Dragon Titles.

Dragon Title: Medium Dragon — All three stars of Wyvern Bloodline and Primary Dragon Bloodline were next. Then I went back and took the +Attack stars of HGoW, and remembered to take one star of Royal Rune Master…then I died on F88.

Artifact: Gloves of War God of Hell — Because they’re named backwards, and that’s awesome. Oh, and that thing about the Hell Dust above.

Potion: Hell Crimson Reagent — Also as mentioned above. +40% boost to Fire magic is what it’s all about.

Relics: Embrace Protection, Corrosive Bracelet, Mutu’s Belt — No real rhyme or reason here, just some stuff that I thought would help me stay alive to achieve maximum burnination.

Other Gear: I did dink around using the Hunter’s Long Whip for a while, since it was an extra +5% for Meteor Swarm, but in the end the much bigger attack and enemy dodge reduction from the Corrosive Bracelet won out. I did acquire and keep a Belt of Electric Arc and a Fire Lizard’s Bracers.

Floor Strategy: Open up all of the enemies that you can, then punch the face of the one with the lowest attack, waiting for long enough that the summoners can summon their zombies. Let your Meteor Swarms clear as much as possible.

Boss Strategy: Swap in the Belt of the Electric Arc and the Fire Lizard’s Bracers.

  1. Electrostatic Field
  2. Meteor Swarm
  3. Meteor Swarm
  4. Icicle
  5. Electrostatic Field (note that if you cast Field while your old Field is still up, your new Field will be even bigger!)
  6. Disrupting Ray
  7. Meteor Swarm
  8. Timestill
  9. (Start over at turn 1.)

Final Notes: I saved up all my Venom Gland Samples and Armageddons to blast from F81 to F88 without really having to do a lot. On F88 I miscalculated (forgot that Werewolves have a chance to counterattack for double damage) and died and decided I didn’t need 5 Soul Reaper fragments for 3 Gems at the moment.

If I was going to do this again, I’d swap out the Corrosive Bracelet for the Nibelungen Spear; I needed more Power more than I needed the +Attack, and the Hunter’s Long Whip would have been a great way to fill my Hand slot for the entire game. Also, having a stun effect that wasn’t Icicle would have felt like I wasn’t cheating on my desire to burn everything to the ground. ;D

It’s always a little counterintuitive for me to take a Melee-statted Gumball main if I’m trying to do mad Magic damage, but ultimately, the survivability provided by Red Dragon was necessary, and because my main offensive weapon was Hell God of War’s Meteor Swarm (so I could save the spellcasting for the Bosses), it turned out to be the right choice. Burninating the countryside wasn’t just a fun experiment — it turned out to be a pretty sweet power play, too.  Win!

Experimental Run: ALL the EP!

Maze: Dracula’s Castle

Purpose: To see what it looks like to go bat-sh!t crazy on EP-gaining and EP-cost-reduction mechanisms while making some side progress toward Dracula’s Castle’s DP quests.

Main Gumball: Minstrel — Needed my Venture title to be first so I could rush straight to Magic Bandit. Also Farplane Ranger.

Soul Link 1: Lionheart King — Because a 30% EP reduction on your two expensive titles (three if you find Dragon’s Power) is simply the biggest total EP reduction in the game.

Soul Link 2: Saladin — Because there’s only one Magic-type pokemon in Ranger’s Song that gives any kind of positive EP effect, and that’s Saladin’s ability to turn Rank 5 spells into 300 EP.

Venture Title: Night Walker –> Magic Bandit –> Farplane Ranger — Bought up to Farplane Ranger on the first floor so I could get that sweet bonus Relic. Then went back and filled in Magic Bandit, then filled in all three stars of Magic Apprentice, then filled in all the back levels of all the lower Venture Titles.

Melee Title: Sword Dancer –> Sword Master –> Sword Sage — Stupid bats. Dodge THIS! I filled in every level in order up to Sword Sage, then paused to take every single level of every single attack-boosting

Magic Title: Priest –> Light Master –> Pope — For to slaughter the boss with huge double-Holy Bolts.

Artifact: Crown of Pope — Because I didn’t have any headgear, and blasting things to death with big light spells seemed like a good idea.

Potion: Potion of Great Designer — Because I needed to clear 400 bonus EP to get Farplane Ranger before searching Dracula’s corpse.

Relics: Mutu’s Belt, Corrosive Bracelet, Talking Puppet, Stupid Spear Ring — I took all items that had ‘Cast this spell X times,’ because those are the most annoying DP quests I have left.

Other Gear: I literally purchased every single item from every single shop. Treasure shops, scroll shops, purple-castle Dracula-specific shops…everything. Because why not?

Final Notes: Turns out that when you max out your EP gains to this bat-sh!t insane degree, you run out of Titles to buy by floor 60. Even with the purchasing of every damn thing. So yeah…I quit because I had blown my wad too early and nothing really left to do. The mission was to learn, and I did. Conclusion: don’t do this.  🙂 😀 XD


Casting Immortal Source 20 Times…as a Time Lord!

Maze: Dracula’s Castle

Purpose: Cast Immortal Source 20 times (consuming 20 Ancestral Bloods, which sucks to do.)

Main Gumball: Dwarf King — Honestly, I worked backwards here and came to the main gumball last, deciding to take Dwarf King because I wanted the Quenching Essences and I wanted the base stats of a fighter-type, which weirdly, Dwarf King totally has.

Soul Link 1: Justice Herald — This build is largely based around Justice Herald. Specifically, the interaction between Immortal Source (which at max level gives you +3 Attack, +3 Power, +30 HP, and +30 MP per cast) and Justice Herald’s percentage-based healing factor. Because I’m literally only ever using 4 Ancestor’s Bloods for raising the stats on my Relics (3 on Eternal Cup and one on Confinement Cage), every other Ancestor’s Blood I find is going to give me +30 HP (and the other nifty stat boosts as well). I intend to have so much HP that Justice Herald’s healing factor keeps up into the triple digits. We’ll see if that works.

Soul Link 2: Red Hood — Weird choice, right? Well, no. Red Hood’s power, once you have obtained Mr. Wolf’s Camouflage, basically gives you occasional nuggets of “lose some HP/MP, gain some other stat” — well, with Justice Herald doing his thing, the HP gains will vanish in the wash. Add on the MP gains from Immortal Source to cancel out the MP losses from Red Hood’s foodstuffs, and she basically turns into an ongoing stat-boosting machine to add onto my existing stat-boosting machine.

Venture Title: Holy Blacksmith — I’m starting down the Venture Title first even though it’s not my main Title, because the single most important thing for making this build even vaguely effective into the late game is being able to craft Great Druid’s Cloak (followed later by Ash Ring and even later by Starmoon Pendant). I took one star of Treasure Seeker, one star of Explorationist, one star of Blacksmith, all three stars of Royal Blacksmith, one star of Holy Blacksmith, then back to fill in the rest of Blacksmith.

The idea here is to buy every treasure worth 50 EP or less out of every shop, then disenchant it all for Quintessence progress and net EP gain once we get three stars each in Royal Blacksmith and Blacksmith.

The Great Druid’s Cloak makes Dwarf King’s proc absolutely lethal, and gives all those Lightning Bolts and Fireballs the ability to clear ranged mobs with one cast until well into the depths. Also, importantly, wearing it and having a solid Power will let you kill the Boss with Holy Bolts in very little time.

Melee Title: Knight –> Fighter — After snagging the first level of Holy Blacksmith, I took all three stars of Novice Warrior and the first star of Knight. Then I went for the first three stars of Apprentice Mage, and came back for the first stars each of Silver Knight and Royal Knight. Then I paused to do the first step of the Mage stuff below, then came back to pop the first level of Fighter in time for the F60 boss.

The reasoning here is twofold: first, the HP gain from Knight boosts Justice Herald’s regeneration factor even more. Second, we have Great Druid’s Cloak-powered nukes and Thor’s Hammer for cleaing floors — we need s solid plan for clearing bosses. Fighter will give us that.

Magic Title: Time Lord — Yep! I decided not to wait for Templar. I have been griping about Time Lord for a long time now, and I realized that I hadn’t tried to play one since before I had unlocked Bloody Fortress. It was time to try again, but with a lot more experience under my belt. Between Royal Knight and Fighter, I paused to take one star each of White Mage and Priest, then maxxed out Air Master for bigger Thor’s Hammering.

After the F60 boss (and it’s attendant levels of Fighter), I maxxed out Priest for the Power boost, then took Time Lord and all three of its Power stars, because I felt in my bones that I had a Portal of Earth dropping soon, and I wanted to be ready. As it turns out, I was right — my one and only PoE dropped on F64, and I used it on F69 — 24 floors back to floor 45 I went. Oh, but I forgot a part:

Dragon Title: Evil Dragon — I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the Dragon Title wish, and I took one star each of Wyvern Bloodline and Primary Dragon Bloodline right before I took my first star of Time Lord. Why? Another 10% bonus HP, of course! 🙂

On my way re-down from F45 (post-PoE), I filled in the other two stars of Knight, the other two stars of Wyvern, the other two stars of Primary Dragon, and took one level each of Medium, Advanced, and Evil Dragon — in the name of MASSIVE HP, with a side helping of “hey, Fighter + Evil Dragon sounds like a downright great way to slaughter that damn Bone Dragon, eh?” Then I took all three Attack-granting stars of Fighter.

By the time I quit on F80, I had taken all 3 HP stars of Time Lord, all 3 HP stars from Holy Blacksmith, all three HP stars and both Artifact stars for Fighter.

Other EP Spending: I purchased every single Ancestor’s Blood and every single Shadow Stone that showed up. This meant I *always* kept a stock of 750ish EP in reserve just in case another opportunity arose.

Artifact: Helmet of Fighter — Well, we’re punching faces, we’re taking Fighter, and the HP bonus helps Justice Herald do his thing. Oh, and we don’t have a helmet coming in from Red Hood, Holy Blacksmith, or Dracula’s Castle in our plan. Kind of a nice coincidence.

Potion: Whale Oil — because you know it’s all about that base ’bout that base: base HP, that is.

Relics: Eternal Cup, Confinement Cage, Talking Puppet — And here is where this build gets meaty as f**k. By the time I used my one and only PoE, I had cast 8 Back in Times (5 on floor 39 and 3 on floor 59), and 17 Immortal Sources, for a total of +51 Attack and Power and +510 HP and MP. That’s 76 HP per floor I wouldn’t otherwise have been gaining from Justice Herald! After I had maxed out all of these at +10, I started keeping my eye out for a Mutu’s Belt, just because I had over a hundred Essence Blood just sitting around, and I figured I could spend 1 Ancestor’s Blood to activate the first-level 15% heal for 5 Essence Blood. Unfortunately, I never found one. 😦 The Talking Puppet I kept because I figured an extra 25% boost to all damage spells would play nice with Great Druid’s Cloak.

Other Gear: I obtained Red Hood’s set fairly early and used it until I quit, just because I was busy disenchanting everything else for Quintessence and I kind of like randomly casting Frog. 🙂 I crafted my Great Druid’s Cloak somewhere in the mid-50s, and Ring of Ash on F79 right before the final showdown with the F80 boss. (Reach floor 80 was the last DP quest that I was going to be able to get on this run, so I quit there. I could have gone much farther had I been patient and played well — I had a metric asstonne of resources untouched — but my goal was not depth, just DP.)

Final Notes: Yeah, I literally never once used the actual class feature of Time Lord. Literally never. Not even by accident. What I did do was cast not just 20, but a ridiculous 28 Immortal Sources. With all of the HP stars, the Immortal Sources, the +20% HP bonus from Knight, the other +20% HP bonus from Primary Dragon, and all of the normal HP gain, I ended the run with 3,391 HP. Also, 2,115 MP, 199 Attack, and 183 Power — before any buffs. Turns out gaining 508 HP just for going down a floor (and that’s just from Justice Herald; I also had HP gains from Priest, Silver Knight, and Medium Dragon pouring in) is pretty good. 😀

Maxing the Unused Relics of Dracula’s Castle w/ Vampire Hunter

Maze: Dracula’s Castle (or as my son insists on calling it, Dracula’s Closet.)

Purpose: Maxxing out my as-yet-unused relics — Nibelungen Spear, Mutu’s Skin, and Talking Puppet (Ring, Belt, Necklace) — while hopefully clearing all of the secondary DP quests related to them as well (i.e. ‘puppet kills stuff,’ ‘Cast Annihilation Bomb 20x”, etc.)

Main Gumball: Vampire Hunter — Normally, Hunter would be a link because he doesn’t actually do anything better as main than as a link, but I haven’t fully-fed the other two gumballs seeing as I unlocked them both yesterday, so my fully-fed VH had to be main. His purpose is twofold: one, get 3x Blood per floor using his Blood Contract, and two, get 20% counterattack-avoidance through his Cape.

Soul Link 1: Red Dragon — His skill lands 50% of the time and prevents the enemy from counterattacking for 3 turns. You’re probably starting to get the gist here. And yes, if you don’t want to spend the gems on Red Dragon, you can get an essentially identical effect by taking Predator and keeping your HP above 50%.

Soul Link 2: Mutant no. 5 — His skill gives 33 energy per floor, and consumes 50 energy to cast a 3-round Timestill. This means 3 enemies killed with no counterattack on a normal floor, or 3 more rounds of beating Boss face without getting counterattacked or attacked. Massive amounts of win here.


Venture Title: Rune Master –> Weapon Master –> Great Swordsmith I really wanted to go with Night Walker –> Elf Ranger –> Great Elf King here, to make the Puppet more viable, but ultimately the allure of even more counter-attack-reduction by going Rune Master into Great Swordsman proved irresistable. That said, I didn’t take any of this until I had first obtained 3 stars in Intern Warrior, and 3 stars in Magic Apprentice, for the counter-attack reduction and the full spell use respectively. Then I took one star each of Treasure Seeker (the new name for Fortune Finder, sadly), Explorationist, Rune Master, Weapon Master, and Great Swordsmith.

Magic Title: Wizard –> Conjurer –> Planar Prophet — I knew I would need a big PoE or two to max out multiple Relics, and I wasn’t taking Genie or Future Cat, so Planar Prophet would have to be it. I took one star each in Black Mage, Wizard, and Conjurer, maxed out Earth Master, went back for 3 stars worth of Warrior (which was a mistake, see below) b/c my Attack was too low…and then ended up needing to PoE earlier than I expected, so I took one level of Planar Prophet to get said PoE and said bye-bye to floor 59. (I never saw another PoE, either.)

Melee Title: Magic Warrior –> Dragon Warrior –> Hell God of War — Man, did I screw this up. I had totally planned to go Silver Knight –> Armored Knight –> Titan Knight to take advantage of my Earth Mastery but far more importantly to get my HP up high enough that the 35% heal from a maxxed-out Mutu’s Skin would be enormous. Instead, I unthinkingly took 2 levels of Warrior and promptly went down a floor, sealing myself into the top half of the Melee tree. 😦 If I could do this run again, I would 100% stick with my original plan.

Artifact: Boots of Titan Knight — I already had the Necklace, Ring, and Cloak slots filled up with Relics, so I figured I might as well do something relevant with the Boots slot since none of my Gumballs nor the Maze would fill it usefully. Also, more Dodge plays nicely with the basic idea of “let’s not get hit by anything ever.”

Potion: Vampire Hunter’s Potion — I figured as long as I was taking VH main, I should get an easy +6 Atk and Power out of it. Also, reducing the Dodge of those annoying-ass Bats by 30% was a pretty decent side benefit.

Relics: Nibelungen Spear, Mutu’s Skin, and Talking Puppet (with Vampire Hunter’s Cloak) — The Spear gives Power and ignores more enemy Dodge, so those damn Bats were doing down.  The Annihilation Bomb was pretty damn sweet, too, making short work of the Vampire Lords.

The Talking Puppet gives +MP and a boost to Damage Magic, which I didn’t make much use of. Mostly, it was there for the Puppet. The Puppet’s abilities grow significantly with each level of Ancestral Power. At first, it has a chance to crit for 200% damage. Then it gains the ability to Curse the enemy, which is a huge boost to its survivability. Finally, it gains a healing ability that makes it near-certain to survive to the end of the floor.

Mutu’s Skin is great for healing up, especially when you get hit as infrequently as I did. +12 HP per kill is nothing to be sneezed at, and the bonus to Recovery magic made it actually useful in the later game despite my low Power. The Cell Regeneration ability was nuts, and gave me plenty of reasons to stick with Vampire Hunter’s Blood Contract as my Accessory even into the later floors. I don’t think I’d ever take this Relic without Vampire Hunter in my group, but with VH, it’s amazing. Once you get your Relics to +10 each, the Blood Contract+Mutu’s Skin combo keeps your life ridiculously high.

Other Gear: I ended up running with Killer’s Sunglasses forever just because of the added chance to loot Essence Blood, and the Black Jacket because nothing better came up.

Floor Strategy: Kill all ranged mobs, using spells if I’d take more than 3 hits before they died. Then the path forks. If you have a Magic Dust and a maxxed-out Talking Puppet, use it. There’s no real benefit to waiting. Let your Puppet kill as much as it can before continuing.

Next, if you’re on a floor ending in 7 or less and your Timestill-on-a-stick is full, start revealing enemies. If you see a Werewolf, kill it on the spot — you don’t want it’s attack growing. Once you’ve revealed all of the other enemies, hit Timestill and kill the ones with the biggest attack while time is still.

Otherwise (making sure that at least a couple of tiles are open to receive summoned Zombies) open up one enemy at a time and kill them one at a time, pausing only to allow the summoners to summon their two Zombies. Then kill the Summoner, then the Zombie with less attack, then the other one. Everything else, punch down as soon as you see it.

To deal with Vampire Lord, hit him with Annihilation Bomb if you can, then punch him down while he’s stunned. Otherwise just punch him out.

Drop a heal if you get low on HP, starting with Cures, then using Mutu’s Skin if you’ve maxed it out, then Divine Favor, then Restoration.

Boss Strategy: Round-by-round:

  1. Electrostatic Field
  2. Disrupting Ray
  3. Holy Bolt
  4. Icicle
  5. Bless
  6. Punch
  7. Punch
  8. Timestill-on-a-stick or actual Timestill
  9. Blade of Ruin or Bless
  10. Punch
  11. Punch
  12. Stoneskin
  13. (start over from 1)

If for some reason you get hit by the Dragon’s breath, immediately use Divine Favor — that Corrosive bullshit ain’t no joke.

Final Notes:  First, Mutant no. 5 is f**king BADASS. Timestill-on-a-stick is an amazing tool to give a melee beast. It’s actually sweet enough that I’m already plotting a Time Lord build (yep!) for when I get the last 5 fragments I need for Templar. 🙂

Second, my screwup taking Warrior over Knight was real bad. Totally screwed over my intended long-range survival mechanism of ‘Mutu’s Skin with mad HP’. So the instant I managed to get my 3 Relics leveled up to max (floor 69), I quit. If I had taken my intended path to Titan Knight, I could have easily taken it another 11 floors just for the DP. Next time, Dracula! Next tiiiiiiiimmmmmmmme….!